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September, 2008

Sal Mosca was all music to me.

When I arrived and began studying with him at the young age of 25 he was direct, specific, and somewhat stern about what I needed to do to become a true jazz musician.  Before coming to Sal I had studied and played with some real jazz greats.  That did not impress Sal at all.  Only how I needed to improve was his interest.  We maintained an unbroken working relationship for twelve and one half years.  It certainly was not a social event, Sal was all music.  I loved him very much.

Often he came to many of my gigs in the NYC metro area.  Folks would say "did you see Sal" but I never had.  He discreetly stayed out of sight knowing that his presence would rattle me.   But then, at the following lesson, I would get the true read out.  Regarding music, everything Sal ever told me, even if I did not believe it at the time, turned out to be true.  I owe my entire musical life to Sal and it is all I have done since I was 15.

After I discontinued lessons, with his approval (which was notoriously rare), we spoke about once or twice a year.  Even during his hard times he would say "Peter, lets talk about you, I do not want to talk about me."  Then I would tell him about family and that I was working with Leggio and Crow and he liked that.  No words could ever tell truly how much he gave me.  I am endlessly grateful.  His work changed musical history whether most know it or not.

Peter Prisco

April, 2008

I was saddened to hear of Sal's passing and will always treasure the CDs he gave to me some years ago.

The finest thing about music is that it does not know age or endings.

Marcus Cornelius

February, 2008

Just  thinking of you Sal and wanted to share a thought on your guest book.

Thank you for helping  me appreciate pitch, form, chords, scales and most of all passion for music.

I started playing bass with a former Lennie T student, the great Lou Stellutti (where I learned all of the above plus how to think) and then started piano with you. I remember how reluctant you were of starting with a "new" piano student. Thank you for giving me the chance.

Peter F. Licursi 

February, 2008

I just learned of Sal’s passing. I have very fond memories of his European leg of last year. Despite his ill health, he played beautifully. I was so thrilled to finally hear him live. I will cherish those moments forever.

 May his music live on.

 Rest in peace,


December, 2007

Dear Sal

Thanks for all.
Your lessons and musical statements will always be a reference  to me. I  feel very privileged to have known you, and that you shared your knowledge in the short period I stayed in New York .
Fragile, but still so vital and deep! I am glad we met at the Bimhuis and  I heard one of your last concerts in Europe.
Rest in piece.
(Thomas Winther Andersen, Norwegian bassist - Amsterdam)

December, 2007

It's sad, and difficult, to write about the loss of a great musician, and a kind man - Sal Mosca was both those things.
When I was living in Connecticut with my God parents, I got to see Sal and talk to him quite a bit. My God father, a man named Steve Silverman, was one of his students for over two decades. Sal would often come to the house for dinner. He was very dry, yet very direct; he always said what he felt. And, he had strong opinions about life as well ( I remember him once saying about his then new car, "It's going to be a piece of shit some day. All cars eventually become a piece of shit." He was on a roll about how things weren't as important as human beings.)

During my time in CT , about 2 years after having begun to play the bass, my brother filmed me playing a new years gig at an Italian restaurant in White Plains, NY. The band I was with played a bunch of Italian tunes and some standards. Sal saw the tape , and said to me, "Besides the Italian stuff, it sounds pretty good.". My late father, Warne Marsh, died before I'd ever learned to play, so Sal was the first truly heavy player to compliment my playing.  Sal was just that - heavy.  I was 21 years old. I can take encouragement from that.

So, to the Mosca family, you have my blessings, and to Sal - you were a kind man, and a true musical heavyweight. Thank You.  Rest in peace my friend.


Jason Marsh

August 16, 2007

Sal Mosca was a pillar of truth and integrity in his art and in his life; he leaves us a rich, inspiring legacy.  Blessed be his memory.

Rocco M. Pugliese
Woodbury, Ct

August 15, 2007
Gratitude, for enriching us all with your uncompromising artistry.  
You will be much missed but your musical legacy will go on forever.

Radio host on "Straight, No Chaser", CFUV 101.9 FM, Victoria, Canada

August 8, 2007

It´s been very sad to know that Sal is dead. I´ve been a great fan for many years, last year I flew to New Jersey just to attend to his performance in "Trumpets" and it was magical. Although visibly in ill health, Sal produced incredible Jazz and that was one of the greatest musical experiences I´ve ever witnessed. He was very nice in indicating some rare record shops in NYC so I could find some rare Sal Mosca, and I did!

Marcello Menta
São Paulo, Brazil


Posts below were made prior to July 28, 2007

Another student of Joe Solomon's checking in. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I am looking forward to hearing you play in person someday. Best wishes,Ed
Ed Fuqua <ed_fuqua@yahoo.com>
Jackson Heights, NY USA -

Dear Sal ...heard you are mending well...best wishes on your recovery...you are the inspiration in many ways...Peter Prisco
Peter Prisco <peterprisco@yahoo.com>
Wayne, N.J. USA -

Dear Sal, Ever since I found a couple of records on Peter Ind's Wave label on which you played I've been a fan of your music. My uncle, a pianist himself, finds you the greatest piano player ever - I can only agree. I just hope you are recovering well from your surgery and will be around for years to come so that more people can enjoy your wonderful music. Stay warm, Ivo
Ivo De Loo <ideloo@cobweb.nl>
Sittard, Netherlands -

I was traveling the web and came across your name. Because we share the same name I attracted to your site. Reading about you being a musician peeked my interest even more. Then I read about your heart surgery. I received an Email from your son that he informs me that you were operated on and it was successful. I would like to hear your music, but I can't find any of your work. Can you help me? I hope your recovering well and will talk to you again. Joe Mosca
Joseph Settimio Mosca <jjsmosca@wmconnect.com>
Philadelphia, Pa. USA -

 Hi Sal.  When I began taking lessons in 1974 I was 37 years old . I would pick up my teacher STEVE BROWMAN in Jamaica estates in queens where he was studying with LENNIE TRISTANO He told that Lennie was a great teacher very thorough and would make steve practice dozens of chord voicings and inversions
charlie pirozzi <cpirozzi@optonline.net>
west babylon, ny USA -

5/1 - Sal got out of the hospital yesterday at 4:30 after a successful valve replacement and bypass. They used a cow's valve. He's resting up at my lakehouse for a while and doing extraordinarily well. He knocked out a few Art Tatum solos for me last night. If anyone wants to say hello, the number is 973-764-4070.
Mark Diorio <mvdiorio@yahoo.com>
Highland Lakes, NJ USA -

This is Kathleen Rolla, using my sister's computer, I don't have one yet to send best wishes, I hope you are well Sal. best wishes from me and Dennis also.
Kathleen Rolla <pattyc8kes@aol.com>

Dear Sal I am happy to tell you. I think your playing is intelligent, musically logical, interesting,and the sounds are great. I am looking forward to hearing you much more closely and often in the near future. god bless I am an amateur player sincerely charlie pirozzi
charles pirozzi <cpirozzi@optonline.net>
west babylon, ny USA -

Being a life-long tenor player, I have only recently acquired a passion for Marsh and company. It's gratifying to hear how you bring out the best in his playing. It never ceases to amaze me how one's tastes and aestetics can change so radically when one becomes fully entrenched in middle age. Sal, thank you for your contributions to the art and thank you for this website.
Bob Amram <tenorsong@hotmail.com>
Yonkers, NY USA -

Sal you're great, thanks for the music
Federico Scardanelli
Milano, Italy -

Hi grampa love ya and i miss you
Kathy Mosca <kathy@com-web.com>
savannah, ga USA -

HI GRANDPA!!!!!!!!
Anna Kowalczuk <surfergirl540@hotmail.com>
Scarsdale, NY USA -

Anyone know where I can find Ted Brown. I used to study with Ted when he lived in Sea Cliff in the late 70"s early 80's. Lost touch with him and Phyliss. Thanks, Rich Germaine...rgermain@rochester.rr.com
Rich Germaine <rgermain@rochester.rr.com>
Rochester, NY USA -

Sal, I am a former student of Lennie's, and remember hearing you at the L.T. Memorial Concert in 1979. You played an "Indiana" that knocked my socks off ! Thanks, Rich Germaine
Rich Germaine <rgermain@rochester.rr.com>
Rochester, NY USA -

Sal, I studied with you from 1972-1978. I have thought of you often over the years. You had a tremendous impact on me musically and as a person. Your wisdom and music still guides me in many ways. And yes, I am still playing professionally. Thanks so much!
Pete Longo <intune@juno.com>
Hopewell Juncti, NY USA -

Thanks for the music
Paul Baylis <plbaylis@aol.com>
Manchester, England -

Really nice site about a terrific pianist. I first became aware of Sal through the old "Subconscious Lee" album, my second of many Tristano LP's. I remember thinking (at about age 15): "Gee, Lennie and Sal sure sound an awful lot alike." I've since discerned the wonderful differences. Best wishes.
Pete Kendall <kendallbooks@aol.com>
Cleburne , TX USA -

Hey Sal: You probably remember me when I was Natalie Riemer back in the 50's Tristano student days. I got your site info from Ted as I was looking to buy the the book on Warne "Out of Nowhere". Our mutual friends, Jimmy Halperin and Ted Brown have kept me informed about how well you've been of late. I don't know if Jimmy ever told you that I have some 'ancient' home disks that we made together, probably in the 50's. You sounded wonderful then....and now. Anyway, I wish you continued good health and playing. Natalie
Natalie Rae <Natjaz@aol.com>
Huntington, NY USA -

Sal, I am a student of Joe Solomon. After a recent lesson, Joe played your recording of "I Can't Get Started" from TRICKLE. It was the first time that I heard you play. You may be the best kept secret in the history of jazz piano. My jaw is still dropped open. Thank you for the chill down my spine...
Michael Roth <Mroth425@aol.com>
New York, NY USA -

The kindling was laid, the fire was lit, and behold, the phoenix now rises from the ashes. Inspire us all, Sal.
Mark Diorio <mark.diorio@gs.com>
Highland Lakes, NJ USA -

Dear Sal, "Trickle". It's another incredible example of how a great artist can open his heart and soul and extend those most tender feelings to embrace and caress the listener. I bought extra copies for my students! Your music, as always, is a joy and a lesson. I'm so glad you're back. Thank you. Charles
Charles Sibirsk <sibirsky@speakeasy.net>
New York, NY USA -

Thank you for the great music over the years! My son Kyle Mosca, is autistic, and at age three, is already displaying a love of the piano. I pray that he will grow in his talents as you have.
Ken Mosca <Kenmosca@worldnet.att.net>
Ventnor, NJ USA -

Hi my name's Aric and I'm 21 and a jazz dj over here in the Pacific Northwest and I would like to comment that I have this mp3 I got off the now shut down Audiogalaxy website, of Sal Mosca and Warne Marsh playing Sound-Lee and although I don't know for sure, I really think it might be from when they had a quartet at the Village Vanguard in '81. Anyways, its intense. In my opinion this tune contains some of my personal favorite playing of both Mosca and Marsh. Hell-Yeah Sal Mosca. You are the best. I respect everything I've ever heard you play on.
Aric Effron <ariceffron@yahoo.com>
Tacoma, WA US of A -

Wow, what a discovery! I just happened to bounce over to someone server containing a lot of Lennie Tristano and came across Sal, whom I never heard of. I can't believe what I've been missing! Thanks!
bill kealy <wkealy@cpt.fsu.edu>
Tampa, FL USA -

Brilliant. I'm new at this kind of music, but I like to think that I always enjoy good music, no matter what stile.
Erwin <eduinker@hotmail.com>
Netherlands -

Great Site for a wonderful artist. I truly hope that future concerts and recordings are not far behind. We've heard way too little from someone so great. (More often it's the other way around) If, by the way, some one has recorded the interview on KCR and wouldn't mind making or selling a copy to me then your enemies would most certainly be mine.
SFrank <Sfrank9@aol.com>

Sal recently told me that he is scheduled to be on WKCR on Wednesday evening, June 5th, between 6 and 9 P.M. (They are planning to have their antenna on the Empire State Building by then.)
Jim Leckinger <jleckinger@att.com>
Lebanon, NJ USA -

Sal, you are the greatest! Your playing feeds me. Thank you! Bill
Bill Chattin <wcha98@aol.com>
New Rochelle, NY USA -

hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria
Georg <gr@tplus.at>
Austria/Europe -

Sal just wanted to say "Hello" and "thank you". Glad to hear that you are back playing again.

Does anyone know when the radio program on WKCR is?
Charles Sibirsky <sibirsky@speakeasy.net>

I'm listening to Featherbed as I write this. Brilliant stuff. I'm glad I came across your site.
Steve Kendall <skendal@rogers.com>
London, ON Canada -

I was just surfing the web this morning and ran across your site. My father's family came to this country around 1915 and settled in Waltham Ma.. Ours isn't a common name so I was wondering if there may be some connection. It seems as though you are quite accomplished and I plan to visit your site from time to time.
Paul William Mosca <paul92@knology.net>
panama city , fl USA -

Hi folks, Sal is sitting here with us at Joe Squillante's Silver Ink photography studio in Mount Vernon, NY, and he sends his best wishes to all of you. He wants everyone to know he'll be back teaching again in April. Peace, Carol Capobianco
Carol Capobianco

Bob, thanks for that piece on the January '02 session with Sal. Beautiful! The best news I've heard in years.
Michael Kates <namor@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -

For those of you who would like an update on Sal and his music, click the yellow box under Sal's picture. Bob Arthurs
Bob Arthurs <Bobarthurs@cs.com>

Dear Mr. Mosca: Your solos are a great inspiration for me. I´m an Argentinian jazz pianist living in Spain. I´m playing now with Jerry Gonzalez and Christian Howes in their European tours. I´ve also played with Sonny Fortune in his visits here. It´s a great pitty that around here is almost impossible to get anything of you, I don´t know if it´s only happens in Spain, or in Europe. I´d like to send you some of the records I´ve made with some of this great artists, so I´ll try to.Write you soon. Federico Lechner
Federico Lechner <ram@line-pro.es>
Madrid, Spain Spain -

Dear Sal, you were of great help to me when I was writing the book about Warne Marsh, called "Out of Nowhere" it is now available (March 2002). I am sending a separate message to you but hope many of your visitors will listen to Warne and feel the wish to read the book. Hope you are well.
Marcus M. Cornelius <mgcor@galaxynet.net.au>
Canberra, ACT Australia -

I am the pianist & vocalist at The Planters Tavern (The Olde Pink House) here in Savannah (for 9 years). I met your son Steve, and he told me about you.  He has the best in you.
Gail Thurmond <wizoz@webtv.net>
Savannah , GA USA -

Sal, The comments on your site say it all. You are understood universally. Your music grows. I think of you every day you are in ALL my lines, ALL my notes. Jazz Impact is now my sole reality- in large part thanks to the many years we spent together. Much love, Michael Gold
Michael Gold <michael@jazz-impact.com>
minneapolis, mn USA -

From one Sal to another, you give credit to our name. Beauty is subjective, but talent cannot be denied. Thank you for both.
Sal E. OOPS! <oops099@yahoo.com>
Phila, PA USA -

There's such much great music to be unearthed via the web. So it was tremendous finding the Sal Mosca site. I've got a lot of Sal's music on scratchy old cassettes from more than 20 years ago which I still listen to, thanks to my good friends like Seth Kaplan, Alan Davis, Steve Frank and Dave Frank from Long Island!
Jack Rubinger <jrubinger@home.com>
Portland, OR USA -

Mr. Mosca, I'm a jazz pianist, and am ashamed to say I've just become aquainted with your playing after purchasing a copy of Lee Konitz "Spirits". I now intend to check out everything you've played on! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.
Nancy Walker <walkertalk@sympatico.ca>
Toronto, On Canada -

Never thought I'd see a Sal Mosca website. What a great idea! I've been a fan since 1974 or thereabouts and I remember the excellent Village Vanguard gigs with Warne Marsh from the early 80's, a couple of which I recorded. Glad to see there's a Sal Mosca scene happening these days. Does anyone know what the recording is of Sal and Warne which is the second track link on the website? Stay well everybody.
Seth Kaplan <Sdk022769@aol.com>
New Rochelle, NY USA -

You are very good
Andre <d1cker@yahoo.com>
Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia -

Sal, I love you and miss you. I'm coming up to New York soon I'll give you a call want to see you. Carmen
carmen bellantoni <bell777@adelphia.net>
stuart, fl USA -

Your music, like Lennie's, has been an integral part of my life for many years. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me.
Bill Brown <bbrown@mezzinabrown.com>
New York, NY USA -

Hey, great website! I have a website of my own. I just like Jazz Music so I found you in the Yahoo.com search engine. Thanks a great website! Keep up the good work on the music!
Michael Reitz <michael@mpreitz.com>
Allentown, PA USA -

Hello Sal, I'm so fortunate to be studying with Billy Lester for six years now. He's often told me stories about his work with you, always with great affection. I continue to listen to your music and learn from each experience. Warm regards, A.
Anne Wagner <awagner@mediamark.com>
New York, NY USA -

thanks very much for this website. in the article in the New York times it was mentioned that Sal was invited to Belgium recently. can anyone tell me who that inspired person was? always happy to meet a fellow Belgian with excellent musical taste. and keep up this inspiring website.
jeroen olyslaegers <jerryo@pandora.be>
antwerp, belgium -

If I remember correctly, I believe Sal once told me that he taught B. Gaudio, a writer of "The Four Season's" music.
Rick Moore <rmmus@webtv.net>
Hobe Sound , FL USA -

I have a brain teaser for you older Mosca students. Recently, I was looking at a copy of the Four Seasons' 1969 album, "Genuine Imitation Life Gazette". In the credits, I noticed the entry, "Salvatore Mosca - Private Instructions". Can anyone tell me what Sal's connection is with either this record or the musicians performing on it?
Jim Leckinger <jleckinger@att.com>
Lebanon, NJ USA -

Sal, just wish to say thanks. You inspired and trained a guitarist named Dominic (Donny) Marino years ago, a dear friend of mine. He then came to my university music department in 1987 when I was a senior guitarist and trained me in this zen like approach, always talking much of you and the spirit of freedom and power you instilled. He says you always talked about tone. Tone invites the listener, and that music was really about sharing. That changed my (playing) life once and for all. I felt I was starting all over again with such a sense of power and freedom. One day I hope to meet you, as I am originally from Connecticut / New York area. Thanks again.
John Klimeck <jklimeck@apple.com>
Sunnyvale, CA USA -

Just a message to send Sal my best wishes. He is in my thoughts every day
peter prisco <bbrownart@yahoo.com>

the silence could open the door to higher consciousnesses, with whom or which you have already been in contact...it's nearly impossible for an "angel" to live on earth...the highest music is, in fact, silence. but, it should be joyful.
sarah <smchugh@depaulcatholic.org>
wayne, n.j. USA -

thank you for sal's website!
darla <djholst@mailcity.com>
san anselmo, ca USA -

Love piano jazz
Vi Calhoun <vi_calhoun@telus.net>
New Westminster, BC Canada -

Sal, I remember only hearing about you and meeting you once or twice. i am teddy's daughter, you used to teach her voice lessons. she was a good friend of Charles, do you remember me?
elizabeth schubert <ekschube@uiuc.edu>
chicago, il USA -

Sal, as one of your emerging "grandstudents", and as someone who embarked on the study of jazz as a curiosity, I am proud to tell you that my ten years of inspired lessons with Charles has made music the focus of my life. Thank you for your devotion and wisdom as a teacher and as a player, and for all the great music. Best wishes - Harold Weg
harold weg <haroldweg2hotmail.com>
brooklyn, Ny USA -

Ciao Sal! From a Tristano supporter!
Gabriele Lunati <g.lunati@ifnet.it>
Firenze, ITALY -

Do any of the kind visitors to this website have any photographs of Sal performing? Thanks in advance.
Steve Mosca <steve@com-web.com>
Savannah, GA USA -

This is so cool! A Sal Mosca web site! Yowee!! Sal, there's not a day goes by that I don't think of something you said, did, or played. No exaggeration, every day for 28 years something - either musical or just life in general - would bring you to mind. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and mentor. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Steve, thanks for making this site a reality. I hope it inspires people to hear more of Sal's music. Maybe even to get some older music re-released, hmmm??
Michael Kates <namor@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -

Hi Sal, Your music and teaching also inspire my students. Studying with you has been the focus of my life for 24 years. The studying stopped. The focus continues. Love, Charles
Charles Sibirsky <csibirsky@earthlink.net>

way to go sal....and steve....heck of way to get from the 50's to the new millenium.....happy birthday and i'm so glad to hear you're feeling much better! I'm coming up soon and we can go out for some dinner.....russ
Russell D. Weill <russd46@att.net>
manhasset, ny USA -

I am a tenor player and you and your music are a great inspiration to me. Thank You.
Bob Field <jazzfield@worldnet.att.net>
Queens, NY USA -

Sal, this is so cool. Here's why. Not only can I talk to you over this website but I can talk to all the rest of the people in the family that I miss so dearly. Once again you have established a community now it's on the internet. You just keep going! Love you, Michael Gold
Michael Gold <michael2@visi.com>

Sal.....as a man of few words(big smile,I bethcha)I hope you are well, or if not, getting better. Its been a looong time. Your old pal John
John McKellen <matrild@aol.com>

Dear Sal, I have never met you personally, but I am very familiar with your music. I am a bassist and a former student of Fred Amend. Fred always held you in the highest esteem as do many of your former students who I have met at gigs. I hope that someday we can meet, so that we can discuss the basics of your teaching philosophy. I wish you a speedy return to good health and the hope that you will be able to return to teaching and performing sometime in the near future. Sincerely, Jim Leckinger
James Leckinger <jleckinger@att.com>
Clinton, NJ USA -

Thank you Sal for having a web site, and to Steve for making it happen. Like Sal's music and teaching, this site is a generous gift. There is no doubt that it will keep acquaintances together for many years to come. I studied with Sal from 1978-86. It was the most enjoyable, profound musical experience I ever had. I would enjoy hearing from any of Sal's friends or students in order to share musical information, knowledge, and experiences. Let's keep the music going! Please do not hesitate to e-mail me anytime. Rick Moore
Rick Moore <rmmus@webtv.net>
Hobe Sound, FL USA -

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