Zinnia Records
36 Quarry Knoll
Greenwich, CT  06830
Phone: (203) 661-5636

 An independent Jazz Label presenting musicians true to the art of improvisation.  While it is not the intent of Zinnia, at this time all of the Zinnia musicians have been involved, in one way or another, with Sal Mosca, as either a student, a band member or simply inspired by him.

Zinnia Records Complete Catalogue (2006)




Zinnia 101 Peter Prisco (gtr) duo/trio; Earl Sauls, Lou Stelluti, Peter Scattaretico (d) It's About Time
Zinnia 102 Charles Sibirsky (piano) - Murray Wall (bass) Just Jazz Just Two
Zinnia 103 Warne Marsh-Sal Mosca Quartet; Volume 1 At the Vanguard - 1981
Zinnia 104 Warne Marsh-Sal Mosca Quartet; Volume 2 At the Vanguard - 1981
Zinnia 105 Larry Bluth (p) Don Messina(b) Bill Chattin(d) Live at Orfeo
Zinnia 106 Mark Diorio (gtr) Once Upon a Guitar
Zinnia 107 Bob Arthurs (trt) solos, duos, quartet Notes From the Underground
Zinnia 108 Billy Lester (piano) trio/solo Captivatin' Rhythm
Zinnia 109 Larry Bluth-Don Messina-Bill Chattin 5 Concerts & a landscape
Zinnia 110 Jimmy Halperin (tsax) w/ Sal Mosca (piano) Psalm
Zinnia 111 Billy Lester Trio w/Sean Smith (b) & Skip Scott(d) At Liberty
Zinnia 112 Joe Giglio (gtr) Trio- Mike Gold (b) & Tim Pleasant (d) Inside Out
Zinnia 113 Charles Sibirsky-Mark Josefsberg (vibes) Quartet The BQE
Zinnia 114 Larry Bluth-Don Messina-Bill Chattin Formations
Zinnia 115 Sal Mosca in Antwerp (recorded 11/12/92), Live/solo (piano) Trickle
Zinnia 116 Sal Mosca (2 CD set) Recital in Valhalla
Zinnia 117 Charley Krachy (tenor) w/ Charles Sibirsky (p), E. Fuqua (b), Peter Scattaretico (d) Jazzman's Serenade
Zinnia 118 Sal Mosca Trio (Don Messina - Bill Chattin) Thing-Ah-Majig

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